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It's been a long long time...

I was shocked last night when my wife and I saw Just Married at the movie theater and before the show they *only* played previews. No ads whatsoever. No LA Times spot. No guy in Nike shoes being chased by an angry chicken. It was great... reminded me of when I was a kid.

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Wednesday, February 5th 2003
I agree, I hate all those ads, if I wanted ads I would wait until the movie came out on cable then watch the movie along with the ads that interupted said movie. Purely annoying is the ad of the dude who works in a tall tower but they show him getting up for work each day and going in all the while playing some music str8 outta the 70s only to have him look out the window at what? Nothing (VW convertible Bug comercial).
Wednesday, February 5th 2003
I could watch an entire movie of nothing but previews. A good preview is like watching an entire movie in 2 and a half minutes. That my friend, is value.

However, some of the ads are pretty lame, esp. ones for the L.A. Times. (Also because it is rubbish.)
Friday, February 7th 2003
I don't mind the previews, but the ads are lame. The L.A. Times ads are by far the worst because they don't make any sense at all. The only cool one that they have is when the theif steals the car out of the garage in reverse motion.

I do like the ads that Edward's has for the refreshments though. Like the one where you're on a roller coaster dodging popcorn and cokes. Whenever I go on a date, I pretend like I'm dodging all of the edible obstacles because I think it's hilarious. Apparently, I'm the only one that thinks I'm funny.
Friday, February 7th 2003
So SuperFunBob I take it that you don't go out on many dates? "Apparently, I'm the only one that thinks I'm funny." Hee hee. Well I think that is funny as well so I'd laugh just thinking about doing that on a date.
Monday, February 10th 2003
Roger Ebert has something to say about ads at the theatre too.

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