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Star Wars Kid appears in Tony Hawk Underground 2

So last week I picked up Tony Hawk Underground 2 (THUG2) for my Gamecube, and while exploring the Boston level I happened to bust through a window and find a nice little surprise. The developers put a character resembling the internet pop-icon Ghyslain a.k.a. the Star Wars Kid (SWK). The character in the game says multiple lines including "I'm watching a movie here!", "I'm trying to watch my movie!", "Don't make me get medieval on your ass!", "Wanna see my moves?", and various light sabar sound effects. When pressing a button (X on the Gamecube, O on the PS2) the character dances around with a staff.
On Monday while making my rounds I saw a call on Waxy.org (the site that originally launched the SWK video into popularity) looking for a quality video of the game footage with sound, etc. So I answered the call and captured a video showing both how to find SWK from the level starting point and him busting his sweet dance moves. Go to Waxy.org to see the video.
Then two days later while watching The Screen Savers on TechTV the hosts Kevin and Alex played my video from the game. This was especially cool since the video featured my custom character, and I was just like "Hey I did that!". Since Joel was kind enough to give me his unused WinTV card, I record The Screen Savers everyday incase I want to check something out. So low and behold I have the clip of them playing my clip (trying not to get sucked into some space/time continuum vortex alternate reality bizaro world...).

My original video of SWK in THUG2 (on Waxy.org)
The Screen Savers playing my THUG2 SWK video (34.9 MB MPEG)
Alt. version of SWK dancing (not available on Waxy.org) (7.3 MB WMV)

As you can see from watching the TSS clip the hosts gave no love to Waxy.org for the video (Waxy.org credits me), instead they repeat "I dunno who did this..." several times. It turns out in their show notes for the episode they did give Waxy.org credit for the THUG2 video. Unfortunately they didn't give credit, or realize that Waxy.org was the site that made the SWK famous in the first place (and bought the kid an iPod for his troubles of being globally humiliated).
Supposedly the character in THUG2 is playable and officially titled "Geeky Kid", I plan to capture video of him when I complete the requirements.

User Comments

Thursday, October 14th 2004
Nice work! Aside from not crediting us, they also made the mistake of assuming that SWK was paid for his appearance.
Friday, October 15th 2004
You are a bad@ss. Way cool, bro.
Monday, December 27th 2004
Whilst examining the files of the pc version of the game i found many things linking the character in the thug 2 game to the legendary "Star Wars Kid" in tony hawks underground two.
The below folders/files have the "star wars kid" name.
Tony Hawk's Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKid
Tony Hawk's Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKidPed_StarWarsKid.cas.xbx
Tony Hawk's Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKidPed_StarWarsKid.col.xbx
Tony Hawk's Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKidPed_StarWarsKid.skin.xbx
Tony Hawk's Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKidPed_StarWarsKid.tex.xbx
Tony Hawk's Underground 2GameDatamodelsPedsPed_StarWarsKidPed_StarWarsKid.usg.xbx
Thursday, December 30th 2004
what the Fu~@ are you all on about!!! get a life!!!
Wednesday, January 12th 2005
(Required - HTML not allowed)
Saturday, February 5th 2005
Anyone could of found that one DICKLICK!
Monday, February 7th 2005
True the character wasn't hard to find, but don't player hate just cause you didn't post the video to the internets and get your video shown on 2nd rate cable television!

And you are 4 months late to the whole thing anyways.
Wednesday, December 28th 2005
does anyone knows how to change the textures on tony hawk's underground 2???
i need a program to open the .xbx files first!
so can u help me?
i'll apreciate this...
my email to send the program or just to help me:
thanx a lot :)

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