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Get a *Free* Nintendo DS (or a game pack with 3 games)

The Nintendo DS just came out, and while I am normally waiting in line on the release day for new Nintendo systems, I decided to hold off on buying it right away... I am too busy playing Half Life 2 / Metriod Prime 2 / THUG 2 to get a new system right now. But then I came across this site NintendoDS4Free.com, very similar to the freeiPods.com site, you sign up, participate in 1 offer, and then refer others to do the same. Once you meet the requirements they ship you your free Nintendo DS (you can also select a game pack with 3 titles in it if you already own the system).
I have never done this type of promotional offer deal before, but I am stoked because one of the offers given to me was a free trial to GameFly where you rent video games through the mail. I rented GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and Paper Mario for the GameCube. While some may be skeptical of these "free" offers (I know I was at first), from what I hear people get what signed up for. I will report back on my luck.
Now for those who want to help me earn my keep, please use my referal URL and sign-up: http://www.nintendods4free.com?ref=1000001058

User Comments

Thursday, December 9th 2004
I don't trust those sites; it seems too easy. Can you tell me if they're honest, because i would really like a free Nintendo DS.
Thursday, December 9th 2004
It's really not that easy. For example: I have 10 people that have signed up to the DS site underneath me. But that does me no good. I need 6 people to now complete an offer (like the free trial to GameFly). So far no one under me has completed an offer. It's a challenge. And I can't really do anything to get people to complete and offer (except say that I really enjoyed my free trials with GameFly and Blockbuster on-line).

The person running the Free iPods site was on Tech TV's The Screen Savers, and they basically went through how it's not a scam, and they are getting paid enough from us completing the offers to cover the iPod + shipping and then make a profit. The 2 hosts and their girlfriends all got their iPods after meeting the requirements.

If I can make ONE suggestion... use a completely seperate e-mail address than you normally use. The two above site seem safe to me. But I did another free offer deal and so fars it's only gotten me a butt load of junk mail. So its better to be safe than sorry.
Wednesday, December 15th 2004
Thanks. I will try.

I'll even let you know if I get one in the mail one day.

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