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NBC to Cancel "The Office"

This really sucks, NBC is canceling The Office due to [really] low ratings. I have no idea why one of the funniest shows is getting such low ratings.
I don't totally blame NBC for the decision to cancel, the show is under performing. But I think networks need to really get behind shows. I have heard that when starting a business you need to expect to loose money the first several years. Networks should understand that some shows need a little more than 6 episodes to get attention.
Another new show this season is Jake In Progress and as far as I know it's aired the same number of weeks as The Office, but has had 13 episodes already (airing two a night each week). I have no idea how well it is doing rating wise (looking up that info isn't a specialty of mine), but it is quite possible that airing these extra episodes will allow viewers (I almost called them "users" (I am a true geek)) to make stronger connections with characters in a shorter time frame.
It will be interesting to see how TV networks will try and capture viewers in the future.
I feel somewhat bad myself, I love The Office and have talked about the show with family and friends and encouraged them to watch it, but yet I have only seen 1 episode on TV during it's original airtime, the rest of the season I watched after downloading the shows off the Internet on my own schedule.
Am I hurting the ratings by this practice? Does me watching a show actually help? What about when I watch one show via my cable box but record another with my VCR? Do they both get credit?
I wonder when TV networks will start watching Internet downloads to help gauge what is popular (if they aren't already). It was like 6 (or more) years ago when the music industry really started paying attention and using download statistics to pick the next singles from albums for airplay. Hopefully TV will catch up.
I would love to say that DVD sales might bring back The Office for more episodes to be made, but with only 6 episode under their belts they would need a lot of extras to make it worth a purchase.
If you have missed out and you want to partake of the comedy goodness of The Office, it's not too late, the entire season (yes, all 6 episodes) can be downloaded via BitTorrent thanks to a wonderful BT site for TV shows, #BT - EFnet. If you only are willing to give the show one chance, download episode #104 "The Alliance".

User Comments

Friday, April 29th 2005
A couple of quick things:

1. I don't know if your practice of downloading the episode instead of watching it "live" hurts the ratings or not.
2. Go and get the British version of "The Office." I have seen 2 partial episodes of the US version and although it is unfair to compare the two, the British version is freakin' hilarious. I have the DVD of the first season if you wish to borrow it. Sometimes I can't breath watching the British version from laughing to hard.

Is it possible for a cable station to pick the US version of "The Office"? I heard that is what may happen to "Arrested Development", another fine sitcom.
Saturday, April 30th 2005
I had the privilege of watching the entire "The Office" series while living and working in the UK, and think it easily ranks as one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. Those in the US who aren't familiar with British culture don't seem to think it's as funny.

Another problem with the American version is that they tried replicating a lot of the same gags from the UK version, and it just didn't work. What was very dry, and almost too subtle humor, was completely in your face, you better laugh at this or you're stupid in the US version. That kind of "translation" really ruined the original, very clever ideas and just sort of made me sick.

Hard to say what my reaction would have been like if I'd never seen the original.
Saturday, April 30th 2005
Both seasons of the UK's original "The Office" series have been slowing working their way up my rental queue, they will get to the top eventually.
Thursday, May 5th 2005
so sad it's over. searched for it on tuesday night only to be disappointed.it went the same way as "The Tic" , another short-lived fave of mine. o well.
Thursday, May 5th 2005
No they can't cancel the office...Thats NBC only good show...and one of the few tv shows that I would enslave myself to watch. =(
Saturday, July 16th 2005
As a person living in the UK, it's great for us to get what's essentially a third series. Sure it's without Gervais, Freeman or Crook, but no worse for it. I'm with you on 'The Alliance', my favourite of the lot.

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