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SpellBound in Firefox 1.5

SpellBound is an awesome spell check extension for the Firefox web browser. Unfortunately with the release of Firefox 1.5 SpellBound broke. And with the developer now on the Mozilla team and working on integrating the spell checking directly into Firefox 2.0 - the extension appeared to not be getting any kind of update.
Well, I was sick of opening MS Word, or Gmail to run spell checks for blog entries, forum posts, etc, so I thought I would Google the problem, and low and behold I found a forum discussion regarding a development version of SpellBound for Firefox 1.5. And not only does it make the extension compatible, it adds some nice enhancements like immediately underlining misspellings in the browser (yea I know, Mac users already have this in all your apps if you enable it).
Here are the links to the resources you need to install:
Install the Development SpellBound XPI
Install your languages dictionary file (here is the US English file)
Now restart Firefox and enjoy.

User Comments

Thursday, May 11th 2006
yeah, I've been using this for a couple of months and i really like it. i don't think you even need to install the dictionaries if you are using english. with the underline-as-you-type, I almost never even need to invoke the actual spelling command anymore, i just naturally go back and correct. my only gripe would be that it trys to correct spelling in places like the web developer toolbar's css edit sidebar, which can be annoying, but other than that, it's like the best firefox extension ever.
Thursday, May 11th 2006
If I recall... I *did* need to install a dictionary.

The in-line underlining is the best. I am excited that Mozilla has the extension author working directly on Firefox 2.0, and that spell checking will natively be included in the browser. I hope they make it more like Thunderbird's functionality, like when you right click on an underlined word, you get spelling suggestions in the context menu.

Currently you have to invoke the spell check wizard to get suggestions.

You also pointed out another problem, the spell checker should (IMHO) be limited to the field you had focus in when right clicking, and not check other form fields on the page. If you wanted a full check then you should have to take steps like Tools > Spell Checker (which doesn't currently exist).
Friday, May 12th 2006
how do you get mac OS X to auto speel check firefox there is no edit>spelling>"check spelling as you type" option thanx
Saturday, May 20th 2006
dtAram, Firefox 1.5 isn't able to take advantage of some OS X-specific features, but that's on the map for Firefox 3, which will be "more native", more like Camino is today.
Thursday, June 1st 2006
Awesome, I've been putting off the updating firefox till I found this site, thanks.

One question though, how do I modify the UserChrome entry below so it works again?

/* Hide the 'Spellbound' button when inactive */
#spellbound-button[disabled="true"] { display: none; }
Sunday, June 18th 2006
No need to install a dictionary from dictionaries.mozdev.org as the dev version comes with the en-US dictionary. Unless you want one of a different language.
Sunday, June 18th 2006
To hide this 'Spellbound' button when inactive, see the site below.

SpellBound Development version - MozillaZine Forums
Tuesday, June 27th 2006
And indeed, SpellBound is quite useful. If it only had inline suggestions and was capable of detecting the current language, it would be even more productive.
Friday, July 7th 2006
Why is this not listed on https://addons.mozilla.org?
Sunday, August 13th 2006
Excellent, just installed this for my girlfriend and it's working fine. Much easier than continually cut'n'paste-ing into a browser. Thanks!
Wednesday, August 16th 2006
Thanks you very much..Some how after reformat..My spellcheck libraries went a missing. Sooo I said well got to Google it because as last time I remembered that yep they don't work on Spellbound no more..Ah but thank the world this is Ff and not IE. Thank you.
Tuesday, August 22nd 2006
I installed the spell checker on windows, and it works just fine. But after I installed it on Mac, it doesn't work, because it can't load the dictionary even though the dictionary was successfully installed. Any suggestions? Thx.
Sunday, October 1st 2006
I couldn't get it to work with FireFox the spellcheck part works, but the check-as-you-type doesn't... any suggestions?
Monday, October 2nd 2006
In the Spellbound Extension Options screen there is a check box for "Enable spell as you type".

Other than that, I have no suggestions really.

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