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In September of 2005 I did what I labeled "Blogging Semptember" where I forced myself to blog each weekday of the month. It turned out pretty good, I got 22 entries in... since then I have averaged just over 3 entries a month, with a monthly max of 6 and one month with nada. It's not that I have nothing to say, I actually have a lot I would like to write about - but a mixture of being lazy, prone to procrastinating, and also super busy with work makes it hard to blog.
In the following months I want to use my blog to promote my upcoming speaking engagements at CFUNITED 2007 and Boise Code Camp 2.0... as well as other things going on. So I am once again going to force myself to blog each weekday this month... and maybe give myself a prize at the end if I meet the goal.
One thing I will spend a decent portion of my entries on is my first Mac, which I purchased in December and received last month. I am not a "switcher", I still plan on using my PC as my main system, but I do love my little MacBook Pro - and I have to admit that it is my main source of inspiration on things I want to write about currently.
Here is a Flickr set to checkout the day my MBPro arrived:
In the office now... Shazam! etch

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Friday, February 2nd 2007
I'll be curious to hear your experiences with the Mac. 2 things have kept me away from them so far (aside from lack of software/hardware which isn't that much of a problem anymore). One, they're kind of spendy. Two, I'm not really into the 'super easy to use' crowd. I like things to be easy, but not if they also take away powerful features. Steve Jobs once said, "Who needs more than one mouse button?" I know they've got the mighty mouse now, but the mentality still exists at Apple as far as I can tell.
Friday, February 2nd 2007
I will be writing about the Mac a lot.

I won't lie and say Apple hardware is cheap, but they do offer a decent line of system to cover different budgets.

Apple Notebooks: $1099 - $2799
Apple Desktops: $599 - $2499

Dell Notebooks: $689 - $2999
Dell Desktops: $359 - $5499

These are all the starting prices for the different model lines, upgrades of course will push the prices higher, but from my experience the Dell prices jump $500+ very quickly with a few tweaks.

As you can see, the prices aren't too far off... I think I feel a future blog entry on this topic... I *did* consider going Dell instead of Apple for my new notebook. But with Bootcamp (the ability to run Windows on Mac hardware), my knowledge of Apple's great battery life, and that I really could not price a comparable Dell at a lower price, I went for the MacBook Pro.

As for the single mouse button... yes it's the stupidest thing ever. I think Macs only have 1 button just because Apple/Jobs is being stubborn and don't want to admit that they are wrong.

I have gotten quite familiar with using the CTRL button with my mouse clicks to simulate the right mouse click. Also, I have bought myself a Bluetooth Logitech mouse which is a lot more advanced than the lame Mighty Mouse, which to me is a joke of a mouse.

I have never used the mouse supplied with any Dell desktop I have purchased, I have always gone after-market with Logitech - this just holds true with the Mac as well.
Friday, February 2nd 2007
The good point I've heard for Macs being expensive is that you get a lot of really cool software with it. Personally, I'd rather pay less and pick and chose what software it comes with.

I also don't like that Apple charges for point upgrades. Those should be free, IMO.

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