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Open Sourcing Personal ColdFusion Projects

Today is my birthday (28 years old now), and to celebrate I am going to open source (give away and share source code) two personal ColdFusion projects of mine.
Unfortunately I don't have the source code / documentation quite ready just yet, so you can't download the source code as of today... I originally never planned to do such a thing, so I have to take a few steps to get the projects ready to post. So, I guess, for my birthday I am really just announcing that I am going to be open sourcing some projects.
I have created an account at RIAForge and plan on creating the project pages as soon as I have them ready.
Both projects need official names, I have ideas, but I am open to input, here are the descriptions:

CURRENT NAME: cfOto (see-ef-oh-toe)
SUMMARY: Digital Camera Photo Manager
DETAILS: I have this ColdFusion script that is automatically launched by WindowsXP when my digital camera is plugged in (or SD Card is inserted into my media bay). The script pulls all the photos off the card an organizes them into folders based on Month/Year the photo was taken. Thumbnails are automatically generated (using a separate open source project, looking into the details of how to handle using this in my own project, several options are available, I will use which ever is easiest to distribute/install, Scorpio will make the 3rd party project obsolete). Then you are given an administrator to view all your photos, title them, rotate, delete, all the basics. You can re-organize the photos into sub folders based on events within your month (or however you like). You can select photos to FTP to a remove server, where a public/non-administrator version of the photo browser is automatically created on the fly. You can also select photos and have them sent to your Flickr account. No database required. XML is used for all the data storage. This project will be a major example of using XML as a data storage in my upcoming CFUNITED 2007 presentation this June.
OPEN SOURCE GOALS: I have a long list of new features I would love to add to the project (photo cropping and other adjustments, multiple templates, Flex/Flash front-end options, etc).
REQUIREMENTS: You need a local ColdFusion server running on your machine you are plugging your camera into. ColdFusion MX (6 should be good enough).

CURRENT NAME: cfQueryParam Tools
SUMMARY: Tool set for analyzing debugging output from queries using CFQUERYPARAM tags
DETAILS: Debugging output for queries using CFQUERYPARAM tags can be a little obfuscated since the SQL and the param values are separated. I have a series of simple tools I have built where you paste in the debugging output and it spits out the generated SQL statement, ready to throw into MySQL Query Browser or MS SQL Query Analyzer. There are also tools that give you the lengths of all the params so you can track down your truncation error culprit.
OPEN SOURCE GOALS: A) Improve the current tools, and B) Expand the tool set to include other tools that CF developers would find useful.
REQUIREMENTS: ColdFusion MX (6 should be good enough).

I am really looking forward to releasing these and getting feedback.

User Comments

Tuesday, February 6th 2007
Congrats, and happy birthday. By the way, my birthday is Feb 6th (today). :)
Tuesday, February 6th 2007
Well Happy Birthday to you then. Any tips on open sourcing?

What was the biggest feed back given... better documentation, easier install, something else?

For those not in the know, Jacob is the man behind: http://cfformprotect.riaforge.org/
Tuesday, February 6th 2007
I know a few people have used my project, but I have received very little feedback, apart from "I like it". I think the main reason for this is that most people don't want to use CFFormProtect because they either have their own home grown form protection, or they use CAPTCHA or a different project.

One thing I have heard is it would be nice if the install were easier. I struggled with this a lot before I released it, and I spent a lot of time trying to make things easy. But unfortunately, it's difficult to do when you've got a lot of configuration options, and you are tying the project into an existing site with unpredictable directory structures and such.

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