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I Was Tagged with a "meme"

For the first time ever I was tagged with a "meme" by my buddy and former co-worker Aaron. I feed bad, he actually tagged me over a month ago, but I didn't see it right away, and then it still took me about 3 weeks to answer the call.
So long overdue, here is my list of 5 things you probably don't know about me:
  1. In the 4th grade my parents took the computer away from me because I ran our phone bill up connecting to Bulletin board systems. I recall at the time downloading images, programs, and games (yes, I was likely committing piracy at age 9) and I said to my father "this program says I needs something called 'Windows' to run it, whats that?", and he just said back to me "all you need to know is that we don't have that." It wasn't until I was in high-school that we got another computer, this time around I learned what Windows was.
  2. In my life I have had to interview for jobs 8 times. For all but 2 interviews I was offered jobs. 1 of those 2 I knew I was asking for too much money, and I said that I was not flexible (I had another job lined up already, figured I would aim high). The other was for Jamba Juice - they flat out just didn't want me I guess. I look at that as my 1 true rejection, which is funny because it's the only minimum wage job on the list, the rest were all IT jobs.
  3. If I was granted 3 wishes in life, I would use one wish to grant myself amazing drumming skills. I have always wished I knew how to play the drums and play music. At one point I was taking lessons, but I didn't have a set at home to practice on, and the drive to lessons was impractical. I really sucked at it, but I would still like to try again. To this day I have day dreams that I am drumming for my favorite punk/rock bands. Forget being lead singer.
  4. I rarely get sentimental when it comes to love stories, but there is something about stories that revolve around troubled father / son relationships that bring out the emotions in me. Notably October Sky
  5. I am the type of guy that will fix himself a bowl of Fruity Pebbles at 2 AM and write on his blog.
Now I am gonna tag Nathan, Jacob, BJay, Tyler, and Mike (who hasn't yet answered Aaron's tag, come on, we are all dying to see your list).

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