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I'd like one order of Freedom Fries please...

Restaurants based in three Washington, DC government buildings are changing the names on their menus of "French Fries" and "French Toast" to "Freedom Fries" and "Freedom Toast". This is an abolutely silly way of bocoting the French. It reminds me of one comedian's joke about how easy it is to make fun of Amish people because they will never be at one of his shows or watching his HBO special (I guess the same would also go making fun of Amish people on your website).
On the otherhand I can't wait to order some "Freedom Fries" the next time I get a chance. I am sure the person ordering will get really confused and mess up my order. When Burger King was offering their special Shaq Pak which was a regular combo with some nacho cheese dipping sause I thought it would be respecful of Shaq to not ask for my combo to be "King Size" like the menu suggests, but to order by combo "Shaq Size"... well the person got confused, gave me the wrong food, and got upset when I wanted to give bad the wrong food and re-order.
[via kottke.org]
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Friday, March 14th 2003
I've always called it "Freedom Kissing."

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