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Scanning is fun

So I'm up super late scanning in posters that I gave away in a contest, and tonight is my last chance to scan them before mailing them to the winner... And my scanner quits on me. Not a nice thing to happen 1) at three AM in the morning, and 2) just a few weeks after getting the new scanner. I dunno if the thing over heated or what, but all that I had to do was unplug/plug-back-in the USB cord and it started working again.
I have this problem where I will buy something, and then not use it right away. Like my scanner. I think I set it up, scanned in one photo to make sure it worked (I didn't even opt to save the scan), and then didn't touch it again till a few days ago. Now I'm scanning like crazy (I have certain projects that require so). The scanner, so far, is working totally great and I would recommend it: Canon CanoScan N676U. But I also do this with other products like the DVD player (Apex brand, it sucks, skips all the time even on new DVD straight outta the box) I got and sometimes clothing. And by the time I figure out it sucks I can't do anything about it.
I guess I should just be happy that I'm on the last poster (by the way, each poster requires four actual scans, then pasteing them all together in PhotoShop, fun), and that my new son is heathly.
Oh yea... I noticed tonight that my buddy Mike updated his site while he's at sea on vacation. Must having some type of internet access on the cruise ship or at dock.
Doh! I forgot the whole reason I even started this entry, it was particially about the scanner not working, but it was also about how I am using my Wired magazines to be weights on top of the posters to make sure they are firm against the scanner bed. And I am looking at the top Wired and realizing, "I haven't read this one". Then I look at the 2nd one I am using, "I haven't read this one either!". So my thought was this: That I arguabily achieve geek status by having a multi-year subscription to Wired, but I definately acheive dork status by having a multi-year subscription to Wired and not reading it.

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