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Patterns of Blue

I had previously mentioned that for Christmas I received a "binary" LED clock. It's quite stylish and matches the colors in my office very well. Though it can be intimidating at first, It's pretty easy to quickly tell the time. Seconds aren't really that important, so you only have to figure out the hour/minutes. The ThinkGeek.com has a guide on how to read the time, so I wont bother explaining it here.
The really interesting thing about the clock is how patterns will form with the LEDs. Here are some "patterns" I was able to catch with my camera in a day.
01:37:31 03:59:53
05:25:25 07:15:47
07:55:57 11:22:44
12:48:10 12:52:52

User Comments

Tuesday, January 20th 2004
So are you sitting there with your finger on the shutter release waiting for patterns or what? Frame grab from video? Webcam taking a picture every second? How'd you do it?
Tuesday, January 20th 2004
Actually, when I first started noticing patterns and got the idea to post an entry about them, I made up a quick little "spreadsheet" type diagram, and for about a week I would observe different patterns, and when one would come up, I noted the time, and filled in the circles to re-create the pattern. Then yesterday, I selected a few patterns to take pictures of, and I propped my camera in a set position, and had a notepad saying when to take each photo.
I have to admit, I had put the wrong time in my notepad on one of them, and when I took the photo, I was like "um, that wasn't anything cool"... then I realized my error, and rather then waiting for the time to come again I just adjusted the clock. Then since I had lowered my standards to get one photo, I did it again for 2 or 3 more as well. But most of the photos were taken at the correct time, single shot, no fancy setup.
Tuesday, January 20th 2004
Those are really cool patterns, a lot of free time albeit, but really cool. Not too many people have documented pattersn ike that in an LED display. I like to watch my digital clock in my bedroom, or on the microwave, for specific times I find interesting, such as 12:34:56 and 1:11:11 on 1/11 or the best I remember was 10:20:01 on 10/2001. That was a bit trippy. Won't ever happen again, you gotta capture and enjoy the little things in life or else go insane!

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