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Pepsi / iTunes promotion

Slashdot linked to this News.com article about how the Pepsi iTunes 100 million song give-a-way promotion has only had about 5% (or 5 million) of its codes redeemed for free song downloads.
I would bet on that Pepsi new this would be the case from conception of the promotion. Since from what I have heard is that Pepsi actually has to foot the bill for the downloads (so the labels/artists get paid still), Pepsi would favor a low response on code redemption.
I do wonder however if sales increased at all. Do companies like Pepsi run these promotions to increase sales, or just to increase their presence in the market? Or just to say, "Hey look at what we just did!"
It's kinda crazy, Pepsi could have given away ONE BILLION codes, and if they had the same redemption rate, they would still have only given away 1/2 of the 100 million songs they had promoted.

User Comments

Thursday, April 29th 2004
Maybe they could give me a million of the codes that were not redeemed.
Friday, April 30th 2004
Or if they dropped a million bottles of Pepsi at your house, and let you drink through them to get the codes.

Of course you could dump them down the drain, but if you had to drink them, and keep within the promotion limit (near 60 days I think).

If you averaged 1 bottle an hour, after 60 days you would have consumed 1440 bottles, or only 0.14%. You would have to increase your drinking near 7 fold to only get 1% through.

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