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Hey can I borrow that?

MediaChest is a new site that connects people interested in sharing their collection of books, CDs, DVDs, and games with others, and vice-versa borrowing from the community "chest" of media.
This is a decent idea, and I *should* have that opinion since there was a time when I considered starting this sort of site with some fellow co-workers of mine. The idea of course started small, just a few of us programmer sharing movies/video games amongst the small group. The idea grew, we thought of opening a company intranet expanding the reach to over 100 people. The idea grew bigger, making a web site that neighboring companies would be offered to join. The idea went no where, well... it went bye bye.
I know one thing that worried me about starting such a project is that of course there is high potential to get items stolen from strangers. When the idea was small, open to a tight group of people that interact on a daily basis, or even slightly larger, people within an organization, you are less likely to have peoples due to a mutual respect. As an operator of a web site promoting loaning your personal belonging to strangers, I would feel personally responsible for lost goods.
I have to give credit to the precursor to the idea, at least for me, Booklend started in March of 2001 by Mark And(erson). I remember the first time I saw his site and his book lending project (back then it didn't have its own domain name), it was brilliant and crazy all rolled into one.
While Mark's been successful with Booklend and people being honest, I honestly don't see MediaChest sharing the same fate. Too bad.
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User Comments

Thursday, February 26th 2004
Is the "community media chest" virtual or real? (Do people even say "virtual" anymore? I am very "not" tech saavy.) Cuz if it is all on-line, it seems like a Kazaa or Napster, which would be very cool.
If it was a real collection of books, media, CDs, DVDs, etc... it could still work. To access the goodies, you would need a card, much like a library card, and all your info would be on it. That way if some item is "missing" you could track the culprit down like the dog that they are. I realize some people would have fake IDs or something, so maybe you would have to have a current member (or two) in good standing vouch for your. Like a country club!
Thursday, February 26th 2004
um, *savvy*
Saturday, March 27th 2004
I dunno... I'm trying to seed some nodes with fellow sharers at work/in the same building.

I think it depends how attached you are to your stuff... I have too much stuff (retail $3300)...that collects dust and depreciates.

I would rather risk someone enjoying it and maybe not returning it, than never reading it again until it hits the landfill. But there's an ebay-style reputation system, so there checks and balances in place.

Oh, mediachest supports Cuecat, in Javascript, if you happen to have one. Scanned in my stuff in an afternoon.

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