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So yesterday I took the morning off work to complete some personal errands that I had to run. The day started off with my wife and I going by my friend Mark's house. We were supposed to pick up a VHS tape that he was going to leave in his mailbox. He ended being home and so he didn't leave it in his mailbox, and invited us in. And like John Goodman's character in O' Brother Where Art Thou", Mark is blessed with the "gift of gab". Long story made short... 90 minutes later we leave his house. Longer story made short... my errands took so long my boss told me to take the day as a sick day.
Since now we were blessed with extra time, we stopped by Fry's Electronics. For those out there who don't know about Fry's, it's basically a rad place that you can get Appliances, Electronics, Computers, CD's, DVD's, Software, Magazines, and I don't know what else. All I can say is that I have never heard a girl say, "Hey, let's go to Fry's". Only guys, because it's a "guy" store. Or maybe better yet, a "geek" store. But Fry's has it's down sides. About half the merchandise in the store has been opened and returned. So whenever you buy anything you have to make sure your box doesn't have this little sticker on it that Fry's has to put on all returned boxes. Also, Fry's is notorious for long customer service lines. Also, when you check out you wait in a long line, and at the end of this line you get a person who tells you what cashier to go to. And Fry's doesn't discrimiate against retarded people, but they do make all the tards work the registers. Now that you know the basics of Fry's, on with my story... Every Fry's has a different "theme" going on inside. The local one to my home has a Greek/Roman thing going on, with pillars and stone and stuff. The one close to my work has a huge space shuttle in it, and I guess that was good enough to constitute as theme to them. But this one I went to yesterday was crazy inside, it had a total storybook theme going on with fake hedges carved into shapes and huge playing cards hanging from the ceiling, and cartoon-ish sculptures of characters including a Queen. I completely felt as if I was actually in the Disney movie "Alice in Wonderland". I think Fry's did everything they possibly could to make everyone think that, without actually breaking any Disney trademarks (I assume). Anyways, they did a darn good job of creating a themed enviroment.
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Thursday, May 2nd 2002
If you develop a theory make it round and circular like the bright sun, ad infinitum. A retard at the cash register has slain the bastard with unwitting wit. "Hegel's whole philosophy is an oopsalon." --Kierkegaard I know I think. I think I know. Imperial power is, and what is it to us? No need to quote the individual, for he has turned off the lights and laughed the dementia. Adam=Atman, Indo-European language system...note as "at"= "ad" more or less. If I loose my composure, I decompose. After returning from a long voyage, neither the gravedigger nor the swineherd will recognize you. The experience of falling into a black hole is the experience of the experienced force. Fry's I take it?

Joel Justin Fry, Athens, Alabama

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