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The Last Computer I Will Ever Need To Buy*; It's needs a name**.

*Maybe a technically true statement, but I know I will definately be buying a new computer sometime down the road. But back to my main point... I bought a new Dell DimensionTM XPS, and to my suprise it arrived today. When I made the purchase I though Dell said to expect it on June 6th or something like that.
Quick Spec List:
  • Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz (800 MHz FSB)
  • 1 GB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM
  • 200GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive
  • 128MB DDR ATI RADEONTM 9800 Graphics Card
  • Sound Blaster AudigyTM2 Sound Card
  • WinXP Pro w/ MS Plus! Digital Media Edition
  • 48x CD-RW Drive and 16x DVD-ROM Drive
So that's a serious machine. I have yet to turn it on. I will soon enough, but I have to finish up work, and then mow the lawn (such is life, but I just bought a new lawnmower I have to test out too). My first impressions of the new machine are: 1) It's heavier than I thought (no weight spec yet) 2) I thought the video card had a TV tuner, I was hoping to use it as a DVR, but I was wrong (I need to look at external options for this task, or an internal card that wont interfere with the 9800).
**You can leave machine name ideas in the comments section, however... since naming my machines (and hard drives) has been a personal thing to me in the past, I will prolly choose one on my own. Ideas are nice and welcomed though.

User Comments

Thursday, May 29th 2003
I think perhaps a name from the past might do well. GAYLUV was a classic. I can't remember the others, but that one seems to have a special spot in my memory.
Friday, May 30th 2003
RUBEN... (of American Idol fame) since your server is Fat Albert (hence the e-mail) and this PC is just as large if not bigger.
Saturday, February 14th 2004
I suggest DISBOAT (an obscure Bruce Lee reference), HOLLY (from RedDwarf), MP (for Midget Pr0n), or DON RICKY (an old high school reference to any older Hispanic male grasping to his youth by wearing open collared shirts and chains... Note: the DON is pronounced with the long "o" sound). Of course you have prolly already named your 'puter by now.
Monday, February 16th 2004
You are correct JMB, I have named my computer by now... and the name I have choosen.... SEXBOT.

Cos it's a sexy blue computer.

When doing a GIS I found Jeff Soto's art web site, it features a series of painting with a character he calls Sexbot as well. My SEXBOT doesn't have breasts though. I find Jeff's artwork tastefull, but some may disagree, so I guess I must say to use discretion when going to his site:

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