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WiFi Interference

So for the first time ever I noticed "WiFi Interference". Interestingly enough, it happened two times within the same hour.
I was transferring about 4 GB of files from my desktop to my notebook which was right next to my couch on an end table. While transferring, I received a phone call. We have Siemens brand wireless phones. And the call was constantly cutting out making it almost impossible to talk. This has never happened before.
After that, I decided to play some Viewtiful Joe on my Nintendo GameCube. I use the Nintendo WaveBird wireless controllers which under normal circumstances are just awesome. The best wireless controller I have ever owned. But during the on-going transfer the controller would either not send the signal, or the signal was being "cut up". Meaning that if I held the D-pad left, that Nintendo received a signal as if I was repeatedly pressing left briefly.
So both the phone call and the game play was in a state of un-usability.
Do you have any experiences of WiFi interference? If so drop me a comment.
Also... I am wondering how I can remedy this. If I switch from 802.11b to 802.11g would the frequencies be different? If you have any answers please post a comment as well.

User Comments

Wednesday, June 16th 2004
Once, I was talking to a client on the phone, and trying to access his site on my laptop which is on the wireless LAN. I told him I'd call him back once I figured out what was wrong with the site (my first impression was that the server was having a problem). Magically, of course, once off the call the site came back up. I called him to mention it was fixed, and noticed that it was down again, and quickly figured out that I just couldn't get out on the net over WiFi while talking on the cordless phone. This was a 2.4ghz phone with the base station for the phone right next to the laptop. I move away from the base station (while still on the phone) and everything worked.
Friday, March 18th 2005
Okay, here's the deal

Both 802.11b and 802.11g run on 2.4ghz. So, in short, no - changing to g would theoretically NOT help the issue.

However, 802.11a, yet another standard, runs on 5.8ghz, at 54mb/s (same faster speed as 11g). I've heard that because it's using a shorter wavelength, 11a also has the potential to penetrate building walls more easily, but I could be wrong about that. I also know that this standard is MUCH less common, has more expensive hardware, and is usually only practical for small businesses.

I can say from experience that I once had my 5.8ghz wireless phone crap out on me when doing a large transfer using 11b (2.4ghz), which doesn't make much sense since they're different frequencies. There might have been something else involved, but I didn't know about it at the time. Anyways, these things can just be weird sometimes.

If you still need more advice, check out the forums over at www.netstumbler.org - there are some REALLY intelligible people on this subject over there.

Hope this helps.

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